Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Great Grandma Petersen passed away on April 3rd 2009. She was 94, in August she would have been 95. It was a sad day, but the last month she had been suffering pretty bad with a broken hip. She passed away at Aunt Mary's rest home in Snowflake. Her Funeral was in Pinedale and that is were she was laid to rest, next to Grandpa Pete. I will miss her she always made me laugh, cause at her age I was always trying to trick her with questions like, no grandma Im Jessica or crazy things like I have 8 children. She would just laugh and say Tara I know how many kids you have, she would remember by the stockings she has made or by the baby blankets she made for me. I will miss her loving and gentle touch, her sweet smell, and how she would always look like she was going dancing, she took good care of herself. I admired her for how much she loved the gospel, and the time she put into geneology, she was a great example. Grandma would always remind me that Grandpa Pete and DL (thats Ben's Grandpa) had something to do with us getting married. I think that she was right. After the funeral Ben and I took Jess and Jace out to the Ranch. Stir up some old memories, and it has almost been 9 years since the fire took the main part of it. It was snowing that day lightly, but I thought how amazing this flower was, it was in the flower area were my grandma had tons of greenier and flowers.
The tire swing down from the ranch were we would swing for hours that is one thing that the fire didnt get.
This is what is left of the ranch house, nothing. It was a 2 story house burnt to the ground, it is so sad to go back there.
The Gateway to the house.
The road between the cabin to the ranch house, trees hang over the road, its beautiful! The fire was a very sad time for our family. Those that grew up at the ranch, spent summers there, visited, and played. It will never be like how it was, but I am thankful for the memories that I got from this very special place, it is very dear to my heart.


Aunt Tiff said...

I had NO idea she had passed away! What a great lady!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings! Sure glad Ben has you!!

Jamilyn said...

I wish I couldve went out to the ranch, im wanting to take Stratton soon to it. We were so lucky to have Grandma for so many years. I love looking at all the picts of us with both grandpa and grandma when we were growing up!