Friday, April 24, 2009


Call me crazy, I put Quinn in swimm lessons down in the valley. We drive down there for 3 days a week for 4 weeks. We only got to do 3 weeks because of my surgrey. So far it has been so neat to watch Quinn. I could never be the one to dunk him under water, so I am glad that she does. He holds his breath really well, and this last week he loves to pick up rings at the bottom. He seems to like it all until he goes down to the deep in, and has to go off the diving board. When it first started I didnt know what to think. He would cry, and I just wanted to hold him, but at the same time I was laughing, because it was crazy to see him go under water. Hopefully I will be able to continue with the lessons this summer. Carly and Sefo have been wonderful in letting us stay with them, and of course my grandma Shelia. When we come back home on Thursday's I get excited to see Ben. I sure miss him those couple of days. I sure am more grateful for him, being away from him makes me realize that he does a whole lot for me and the boys.

I got to go see Baby Lewis, and he is so beautiful. Precious and sweet. Jessica does have her hands filled. She is such a wondeful and tender mother, and been blessed with great patience. I just heard good news that he may be going off oxygen and could be going off the feeding tube. That is wonderful to hear. Jessica you are such a special person.
Quinns new girlfriend Kaylan. Kelly Young's baby girl is also doing swimm lessons, so its good to see her and Ka May. Preetiest little girl! It was so good to see Kelly, sure do love ya girl.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Bunny came to Town

So we spent easter Sunday with my side, and we have a real easter bunny, her name is Grandma Shelia. Ever since I can remember she has done this tradition of finding eggs some have money, some are real. Then after that we get to find easter baskets, and o how great they are. Grandma is still holding strong with the tradition with her great grandchildren even. I am so thankful for this lady, I dont think she knows all that she does for people she just does it. That is such an example to me of a christ like attribute, and I know she doesnt think so. But if anybody knows her she will do anything for family or anybody else. Thanks Grams for all you do for our family, I LOVE YOU! We had fun on Sunday ate good food, of course, and great dessert (thanks to Sha). What a great holiday as we remember Christ and what he did for us. The atonement has been such a blessing for me personally. I am grateful for the life that He lived on this earth, for what he went thru for me. I truely love the gospel, and am so grateful for my husband helping me overcome my trials. Thanks babe I love you.

Of course playing BALL with his Best Friend.

Quinn and Cade finding there Easter Baskets.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Great Grandma Petersen passed away on April 3rd 2009. She was 94, in August she would have been 95. It was a sad day, but the last month she had been suffering pretty bad with a broken hip. She passed away at Aunt Mary's rest home in Snowflake. Her Funeral was in Pinedale and that is were she was laid to rest, next to Grandpa Pete. I will miss her she always made me laugh, cause at her age I was always trying to trick her with questions like, no grandma Im Jessica or crazy things like I have 8 children. She would just laugh and say Tara I know how many kids you have, she would remember by the stockings she has made or by the baby blankets she made for me. I will miss her loving and gentle touch, her sweet smell, and how she would always look like she was going dancing, she took good care of herself. I admired her for how much she loved the gospel, and the time she put into geneology, she was a great example. Grandma would always remind me that Grandpa Pete and DL (thats Ben's Grandpa) had something to do with us getting married. I think that she was right. After the funeral Ben and I took Jess and Jace out to the Ranch. Stir up some old memories, and it has almost been 9 years since the fire took the main part of it. It was snowing that day lightly, but I thought how amazing this flower was, it was in the flower area were my grandma had tons of greenier and flowers.
The tire swing down from the ranch were we would swing for hours that is one thing that the fire didnt get.
This is what is left of the ranch house, nothing. It was a 2 story house burnt to the ground, it is so sad to go back there.
The Gateway to the house.
The road between the cabin to the ranch house, trees hang over the road, its beautiful! The fire was a very sad time for our family. Those that grew up at the ranch, spent summers there, visited, and played. It will never be like how it was, but I am thankful for the memories that I got from this very special place, it is very dear to my heart.


I figured I should let everyone know that I am doing great, and for people that dont know, I had emergency surgery last Wednesday, ya crazy! I had an IUD put in, (thats birth control). I had one before and thought I would do it again. Well this time it penetrated thru my Uterus and was floating around in my abdomen. I was in so much pain, and I was very aggressive to the doctors that they finally agreed to have a look around inside, low and be hold it wasnt were it should be and then they still couldn't find it. So I had to get a cat scan and they found it over on my right side what an experience this all was, let me tell ya. So they went in laporscopicallllll or however you spell it in thru your bellybutton and found it down by my intestines, and its out!! After feeling like I got ran over twice, (cause they pump you up with gas), and swollen looking belly, I am glad its over, I can say I am going old school for birth control from now on! So I am doing swell and thanks for all the prays and your calls.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quinn hadn't taken a nap and at 7 at night this is what I get, cheetos and sippie spilled on the floor. One passed out little kid. I have been so blessed with such a spirited little boy. He has such a personality. I love how his eyes light up when he sees PaPa Roy, how he will only go or talk to him. How he loves to sit in his room in the corner and look thru books. I love to have OUR Time together. I love how he loves to wrestle his dad, and wants to play golf or throw the ball at him or his little brother. He lights up my day in the morning when he yells Ma Ma to get him out of his crib. Quinn makes me so happy and blesses our life so much, Mommie and Daddie love you so much sweetheart!
Hanging out with his best friend.

Anytime I am baking he has to be in the middle helping me.

We are so excited for the summer, fruit,fruit, fruit.

So we started this potty training thing, you can tell his reaction by it.