Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So in the month of May we seemed to have a lot going on. I need to go take some pictures of our pigs and our newly hatched chicks, I will put them on my next one. Dad Tenney saved me from getting some Geese I was going to get those but I thought I should tell my husband and Dad Tenney first, and they had to put there foot down on that one. But maybe I will surprise them with an alpaca. Hehehe! We finally took Quinn Bowling and he actually really liked it. It took him just one try to realize that he cannot kick the ball down the aisle he had to roll it. We finally got a handy dandy roller thing cause all the bumpers were taken up, and he still enjoyed that. Rudger was to interested in eating candy and playing with the fan that drys your hands off. I think anything that has to do with a ball Quinn will always be entertained.

I took the boys to Willow Spring Lake holy cow it was windy, but I really don't think that they feel the wind.
Quinn's buddy Cade 50% of the time. They don't know that they are going to be the bestest of friends when they grow up, but as for right now Tanz and I will still be pulling them apart from one another, or mostly fighting it out.

Quinn Loves to go to Grandpa Roy's house, this day he got to ride the horse and grandpa and him went into the orchard and a tree got a hold of Quinn, but he stayed on the horse, and he still tells me all the time about his Owweeeii with papa on the horse.

We love having a sand box especially 40ft away from the front door!
Nothing like Licorice and a handful of sand, yummie! This boy looks like this each and every day, he is the dirtiest, quietest mess maker I have ever seen. He turns my life upside down, but I wouldn't trade it for the world, even when he takes off his diaper all the time, and poops everywhere and pees on everything. We are making some funny memories out here at the Tenney Ranch!