Thursday, November 12, 2009

We had our family pictures done finally, and I finally got it figured out how to put them on my blog. Thank you Aunt Tiff for the great pictures, you really do have a talent. There were some really good ones, but these were the ones I really liked and had time to put them up.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

San Diego Here We Come

We got to go on a vacation for 6 days in sunny California. We got to stay at Oceanside and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and the laid back lifestyle. We had so much fun, just hanging out with eachother and the boys. This was our first vacation as a family, so we were really excited. We celebrated Bens birthday while we were there. Big 28 you are so old babe! The only downfall of the trip was we always picked the wrong place to eat. We got to stay in a penthouse, it was 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and this was our view on our balcony! We were by a marina and there were some small little shops, but not much shopping and eating around. Thank goodness we bought food, the place was furnished so we could make meals. Of course we went swimming at the swimming pool. Quinn did not like the ocean one bit.
We stopped in Yuma so my Grandma Donna and Grandpa Austin could see the boys, it was good to see them.

Of course the Dunns this is amazing to me.
This is the first time Quinn saw the ocean and he wouldnt get off the step.
It was very very foggy that day and kinda cold.

Quinn was ready to go as soon as he got there, he was gettin our sandals and trying to put them on our feet. I was cracking up!
Quinn was saying goodbye to the ocean, Im sure hoping to never see it again, but little did he know.

We at least got drive by the Temple, several years we got to do a session there, that has got to be one of the prettiest temples.
The next day we ventured over to Coronado, which the bridge was so fun to go over. Rudger loved the sand. Quinn wasnt still to sure about everything.
Ben was trying to talk Quinn into putting his feet in the water.
My three boys!
He finally got down from Bens arms just to get near the birds, whatever works.
We went the next day to the zoo I have a ton of pictures. The was such a great place to be. I could not believe that you could seriously be there all day. We still didnt get to see the panda's even. I think that we saw everything else. The boys were so good and Quinn loved it. Rudger enjoyed the big animals, probably cause he could see them the best. Quinn loved the Turtles. Ben loved the giraffes the most, I loved the funky looking ones, that we couldnt even pronounce.

Polar bear was starring right at them. They were hugemagous.
We had to take a break and Quinn loved the nachos that he had to lick the bowl clean.

Kissing Turtles!

I am lucky that I married somone that will play with the boys.

I love this picture of them. We walked down to the pier, it is the oldest and longest pier in southern Califonia. There were tons of surfers all around it.

This was our little house, we were sad to leave it. Thanks babe for the fun time we had. I loved being with you and the boys so much, hopefully we will have many more of these.

Pumpkin Patch

We thought that it would be so much fun to take the kids over to snowflake to pick out some pumpkins, and of course we choose a cold windy day. The boys seemed to like it, and of course we took alot of pictures and I tried to get some with everybody, but of course nobody was looking at the camera, I dont even have any with Cade looking at the camera, but I think they had fun just hanging out with eachother.

This was a corn lancher or gord, whatever it was it got the boys attention for a little bit.

Some cute picture of the boys.

Of course we tried to get everybody in.

I found this pictures that I took just barely and thought they were so cute, I had to put them up, since I have not been the best blogger. The boys love bath time, and Quinn plays pretty good with Rudger. Thank goodness!

Quinn got his first black eye, which I thought he hit his forehead, and so I was kissing on his forehead and telling him to rub it off, and he kept rubbing his eye, then a few minutes later Ben says Tara what the heck did he do to his eye. He was in a high stool and leaned forward and smacked his face on the counter. Poor boy!