Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We thought that it would be so much fun to take the kids over to snowflake to pick out some pumpkins, and of course we choose a cold windy day. The boys seemed to like it, and of course we took alot of pictures and I tried to get some with everybody, but of course nobody was looking at the camera, I dont even have any with Cade looking at the camera, but I think they had fun just hanging out with eachother.

This was a corn lancher or gord, whatever it was it got the boys attention for a little bit.

Some cute picture of the boys.

Of course we tried to get everybody in.

I found this pictures that I took just barely and thought they were so cute, I had to put them up, since I have not been the best blogger. The boys love bath time, and Quinn plays pretty good with Rudger. Thank goodness!

Quinn got his first black eye, which I thought he hit his forehead, and so I was kissing on his forehead and telling him to rub it off, and he kept rubbing his eye, then a few minutes later Ben says Tara what the heck did he do to his eye. He was in a high stool and leaned forward and smacked his face on the counter. Poor boy!

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