Friday, August 29, 2008

These are a few of our favoite things!!!

(We found this snake in our front yard)
(This beehive was under our back porch)

Frogs Snakes, bees,and lizards, oh and chickens. These are a few of my favorite things!!
WE are officially out at the ranch in our new home. Well its not new, new, but we love everything about it. I dont think that I will ever get used to bugs and slimmy things, but it has been so much fun. When we moved in we had to move the bees out and let me tell you there were bees, they made home in our laundry room. The snakes just like the dark holes everywhere. We got a crazy idea, and thought we should bring chickens out to the ranch. We're still waiting for them to lay some eggs! Ben is my Farmer John, we sure have the life. We Love being back home, I sometimes miss Flagstaff more than he does. I loved our ward!
Other Good News!! I am pregnant and due in Feb, yea my birthday month. We're so excited and feel so blessed to have another one on the way. Quinn just turned one and I call him my crazy boy, he is more like me, but looks like Ben.