Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I wanted to go for a walk, and of course our stroller that is made for the rough roads had flat tires. So I took the only stroller I had. I made a big mistake, but I was to stubborn to turn around. We walked up the big hill to Grandma Tenney's, not even half way and Quinn wanted me to carry him. You can barely see Rudgers head, I didnt work out for like 2 days after that.

The Big Hill
My Beautiful sister, who I really miss.

Jace Rudd Graduation

Ben and I went to Prescott Valley to Rudd's high school graduation, holy cow that is the baby of my family. We stayed at my mom's for a couple of days, which was fun of course and crazy. The Hall family came and supported him, and we had to check out downtown Prescott, which is awesome. Of course we had a great lunch/dinner, then we had to get some ice cream. The boys loved, but I think they love Sid more. Who doesn't we all love you Sid you are a beautiful young lady and very special to us.

This was a present from the old man "Dad" they went to Alaska on a fishin Trip. Clint and Jordan went also. Lucky! Jace you deserve it, keep up the good work we are proud of you.

Of course the big supporters, Grandma and PaPa Roy.
What a bunch of good looking boys, (men).