Friday, April 24, 2009


Call me crazy, I put Quinn in swimm lessons down in the valley. We drive down there for 3 days a week for 4 weeks. We only got to do 3 weeks because of my surgrey. So far it has been so neat to watch Quinn. I could never be the one to dunk him under water, so I am glad that she does. He holds his breath really well, and this last week he loves to pick up rings at the bottom. He seems to like it all until he goes down to the deep in, and has to go off the diving board. When it first started I didnt know what to think. He would cry, and I just wanted to hold him, but at the same time I was laughing, because it was crazy to see him go under water. Hopefully I will be able to continue with the lessons this summer. Carly and Sefo have been wonderful in letting us stay with them, and of course my grandma Shelia. When we come back home on Thursday's I get excited to see Ben. I sure miss him those couple of days. I sure am more grateful for him, being away from him makes me realize that he does a whole lot for me and the boys.

I got to go see Baby Lewis, and he is so beautiful. Precious and sweet. Jessica does have her hands filled. She is such a wondeful and tender mother, and been blessed with great patience. I just heard good news that he may be going off oxygen and could be going off the feeding tube. That is wonderful to hear. Jessica you are such a special person.
Quinns new girlfriend Kaylan. Kelly Young's baby girl is also doing swimm lessons, so its good to see her and Ka May. Preetiest little girl! It was so good to see Kelly, sure do love ya girl.


Aunt Tiff said...

looks like lots of fun!! love you guys!!

Jamilyn said...

i know it sure does fly by, yeah i had a very hard pregnancy and it def was scary when he was born i thought forsure he would be healthy and go home with me but that didnt happen.
i cant believe you drove down here for swim lessons, wish i wouldve known i wouldve loved to see you. Hope everything is going well and you are nice and recovered! love you