Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quinn hadn't taken a nap and at 7 at night this is what I get, cheetos and sippie spilled on the floor. One passed out little kid. I have been so blessed with such a spirited little boy. He has such a personality. I love how his eyes light up when he sees PaPa Roy, how he will only go or talk to him. How he loves to sit in his room in the corner and look thru books. I love to have OUR Time together. I love how he loves to wrestle his dad, and wants to play golf or throw the ball at him or his little brother. He lights up my day in the morning when he yells Ma Ma to get him out of his crib. Quinn makes me so happy and blesses our life so much, Mommie and Daddie love you so much sweetheart!
Hanging out with his best friend.

Anytime I am baking he has to be in the middle helping me.

We are so excited for the summer, fruit,fruit, fruit.

So we started this potty training thing, you can tell his reaction by it.


Aunt Tiff said...

He is SO stinking cute!! He is getting way too big! I hope you are feeling better!! Love you guys!

Taralee said...


good luck with the potty training i gave up on brody hopefully he will let me know when he is ready.bc now he comes up to me after he poops and says "pooped, pooped, pooped" ya its da best.

Travis & Kalee Tenney said...

I love Quinn too..was good to see you guys last are you feeling?