Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is for the previous picture of the hot dog, since I forgot to mention what it was, its a plastic wrapper that was wrapped inside the bun and around the hot dog. yummy uh!

Monday, September 14, 2009

DAD Randy turned the BIG 50

What a month!!!! Dad turning 50 Grandma Shelia Bird turning 70. This cake is for both of them, the right side is the pepsi logo and the other one if you cant make it out its a hill with green grass on one side and black grass on the other, ya I am really creative. Ben gave me the idea for grandma. We went to Fools Hallow lake to celebrate Dad's birthday, he insisted that he was not going to be here, so I did not want to throw a party. Grandma the wonderful lady that she is, could not take that, so she said we are throwing some sort of a party and I thought it was perfect. Dad did not want alot of people and I think he was happy with the outcome. We got to eat eat eat and go down by the dock and fish and enjoy eachother company. Dad I love you thank you for everything that you have done for me, and the example you are. You are my bestest friend. Of course Grandma is why I am who I am, she is my rock my friend and has been a wonderful mother to me. I am glad I was there to celebrate your guys birthday's with you. My 2 special people who I owe so much to.
Ya I know the post is really late. But this is my scrapbook!

Grandpa Randy has found a new fishin buddy, I think he could do a night fishin.

Getting ready to open some presents. He didnt even get bad gag gifts either.

Aunt Jessie with Rudger, she loves her babies!

Ok this has nothing to do with the party, but
I had to put it in here, cause its my scrapbook. This is a special treat Quinn got for lunch one day, he was outside sitting on the porch eating and I could see he was playing with his corn dog, so I shout "Quinn stop playing with your food" He looks at me and goes "EEEEKKKK" that means usually he is poopie, I go outside and this is what he had. I wanted to call Foster Farms and I still might, I just need to get on the ball. Isnt that lovely! My poor kid!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Wonderful Time in the Woods

So we had our annual trip to the woods in Vernon with the Halls. It was so much fun, but we also had a camper trailer and a comfy bed and a toilet yea. We had fun hanging out with cousins, enjoying not having any responsibilites, and eating till our belly's were on overload. Ben says thats his kinda camping, dutch oven ever night. Of course it could not be complete without sobe Bombs in the fire at night, and a couple of nights of singing and telling jokes or skits around the campfire. It was neat just to get away for a bit.

Quinn had so much fun with Sid, but we all did she is a very special young lady.

Rudger doing what he does best Chillin!

Ben and the boys at the top of greens peak, it was awesome, Ben did like the drive up the hill but it was funny to make him drive up it.

The view at Greens Peak was beautiful but I was ready to get off, my knees were shaking and I got really quezie, not to mention that Quinn was jumping up and down and banging on the fence cause he could see his Dad and Rudger, it was very scary, but glad we did it.

He is saying "What the heck were going up that."

Aunt Kelly teaching Quinn to peace out dude!

Thank goodness for bouncie balls

Giving a pose in the beautiful forest

My dad was really cooking bacon

Rudger did a lot of this, thanks to David and Gay for the hook-ups we got to sleep in luxury.

Quinn you were always so happy expecially when you had candy.

The kids even got to have a pinata, Quinn you were a terd about this, you cried so hard when it was somebody else got a turn. It was funny now looking back.

I am so behind on pictures and all over the place. Here are some pictures that happend over the month of July. Quinn and Cade Crandell hanging out on the bean bag.
Of course I had to put this picture of Jonathan and Rudger since that's Rudgers middle name, and this is the guy we named him after.
Then there is my little brother Jace Rudd, always giving a helping hand, holding his name sake.
Quinn with Uncle Ron at the Tenney reunion, waiting to get a ride on the horse.Finally got a turn, and got to ride with Trevor, yea yea. Then he would never get off.