Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Wonderful Time in the Woods

So we had our annual trip to the woods in Vernon with the Halls. It was so much fun, but we also had a camper trailer and a comfy bed and a toilet yea. We had fun hanging out with cousins, enjoying not having any responsibilites, and eating till our belly's were on overload. Ben says thats his kinda camping, dutch oven ever night. Of course it could not be complete without sobe Bombs in the fire at night, and a couple of nights of singing and telling jokes or skits around the campfire. It was neat just to get away for a bit.

Quinn had so much fun with Sid, but we all did she is a very special young lady.

Rudger doing what he does best Chillin!

Ben and the boys at the top of greens peak, it was awesome, Ben did like the drive up the hill but it was funny to make him drive up it.

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