Thursday, August 6, 2009

Swim, Birthdays, Anniversary's and growing Boys

I got to put Quinn in one more swimming session during the end of June and first of July, can I say what the heck was I thinking!! My little mountain Boys did not do good in the heat at all. Quinn did good at lessons, but by the last day of them he got heat exhaustion which scared me half to death. I skipped the last day and flew up the mountain to cooler weather. It took him about 2 days to recover, poor little man. I also got to go see the play WICKED FINALLY!!!! All I got to say is Toss Toss. Loved it!!! I went with my grandma and Aunt Kelly and Sidney. Of course it was great to go to a play with grandma, since she was the one who took me and Candise all the time when we were younger, to the Phantom and Les Mes. It was wonderful. Ben and I also celebrated our 4th Anniversary. Honestly I cant remember what we did, probably nothing, but I think that we were together and with our boys, which is what we love to do the most. Some of these pictures are random and in no order just things that we have done.
This is Grandma Tenney, at the Big Tenney Reunion.
Rudger chillin on the grass, funny story about this, Ben was actually laying next to him and trying to help me with my golf swing. I get this great idea that I want to just hit one really hard, thinking that it will go over our wooden fence. I get the driver out and my first attempt it went really far, so I got excited and wanted to do it again. Of course my very cautious husband said I think that's enough, a ball could hit the fence and blah blah blah. He is laying down enjoying the sun, and I swing with all my might and the ball hits the fence and comes back towards him and the baby and it goes between his legs and hits his buttocks, so funny after I realized that the baby is fine. I was dying, so we dont do any driving in the yard anymore.


Shawna said...

Cute picture with cute boys! Glad you got to see Wicked! Nice one with the golfing.

Jami said...

I am so glad that over 4 years ago my brother found you!!! I sure do love and appreciate you - you are so much FUN, just thinking about you makes me giggle!!!

Marinda said...

Golfing story is too funny. That is so something I would do not listening to my husband.