Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our little boy turned 2 on the 19th of July!!! What a weekend, we had a huge Tenney Reunioun, that is probably spelt wrong, we had horses thanks to Monti Hancock that old man is wonderful, four wheelers, crafts, pinatas, food, mallows, laughter, food and so much fun, and of course Morgan and Paul that is all Quinn wants to do is be around them. Which sometimes makes me sad, he doesnt want me to hold him, only when he get hurt or wrestles to hard, I will take what I can get though. On Sunday I built a cake and we all got to sing Happy Birthday to him everybody was there, even some from my family braved to come out, and support him. I wonder where the time has gone, my little bald baby boy is no more. I am so grateful for, grateful for your smile and your laughter, your contagious smile I should say, cause the gap teeth make it so dang cute and funny. I love how you talk in your own special way, how you love to be so active and do so many things and you can do them all so well, and that you never give up on trying new things. I am grateful that you came to us, to have your sweet spirit in our home. I am grateful for the patience you are giving me each and every day. You are loved by so many people and everybody thinks that you are so cute. Quinn you are such a blessing in our life and we love you so very much, Thank you for being the little boy that you are, Happy Birthday, mom and dad love you so much xxooxxo!!!
You Big Birthday BIKE
And your Big Birthday Cake

The day you were born, it seemed just yesterday.

One proud Daddy!

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