Friday, May 15, 2009

I love this picture, Quinn wants to hold Rudger all the time.
I have been wanting to go golf for awhile, and finally we went. Ben said that it was my mothers day gift, ya right, I thought it was so much fun. He said that I did pretty good, I drove it over a pond, but I still have no idea about pars and boggies or eagles. That stuff is so confusing. So now I want some clubs and to go more often. We will see about that! We took Quinn with us it was so fun, he had a ball. Once he figured that the ball goes in the hole he would jump out with his little club and take off to the hole. The only bad part was I hit the top of my head on the golf cart getting in. I swore and started to cry, it hurt so bad. I got over it but my head was sore for a couple of days. I am glad that Ben and I have so much in common and we are still finding things that we can do together, thanks babe, we are going to have to do it more often.


Aunt Tiff said...

Golfing looks like SO much fun!!! I can't imagine how much fun Champ had! Rud's blessing was beautiful!!

Woodside's said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog. It was nice to hear from you! You have a cute family!

Teresa :) said...

Hey Girl!!! How the heck are you? Congrats on the new bambino, he is super cute. I love the pics of ben and Quinn golfing! You better be playing softball with us again this summer! See ya around. :)
ps Im adding you to my blog, hope thats ok! :)